Our Pre-Foundation, Foundation Year 1 and Foundation Year 2 are based on the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), a statutory framework implemented in the United Kingdom that sets standards for the learning, development and care of children up to five years of age. EYFS provides a well-balanced curriculum framework emphasising on language development, intellectual, social, emotional and motor skills, encouraging independence in a child.

The key stages and age divisions of the Early Years year groups:


At Alpha, we believe that young children learn best by doing. As their development progresses, so does their ability to understand the concepts that make up their world. Beginning with concrete objects, they go on to acquire a wide range of abstract concepts through multi-sensory experiences, both within and outside the classroom.

The emphasis is not on the simple acquisition of information. Instead, the focus is on developing and using the basic skills necessary for learning. This is achieved through active involvement – in exploration, hands-on activities and games that enhance critical thinking and readiness skills.

The Alpha curriculum encompasses the following areas of learning and development through teaching practices that are appropriate to both age and individual capacity: