Our school follows the Cambridge Primary programme, which is typically for learners aged 5 to 11 years. This programme is carefully designed to give students a solid foundation, enabling them to achieve high levels of academic and personal attainment.

The key stages and age divisions of Primary year groups:


The curriculum is at the heart of our school's strategy to raise achievement and improve outcomes of all learners. The Cambridge Primary framework focuses on powerful knowledge which gives students access to new tools for thinking about the world. Adopting this framework, the Alpha curriculum is tailored to reflect our context, culture, ethos and student’s needs. The following are the fundamental principles for the design and implementation of our curriculum:

  1. Delivers a broad, balanced, coherent and consistent programme of learning with clear and smooth progression routes designed for the needs of all students;
  2. Provides students and teachers with inspiring, relevant content as well as an appropriate breadth of subject knowledge and skill development appropriate for the students’ developmental stage;
  3. Recognises the language background of students and provides them with the support they need to access the curriculum;
  4. Promotes active learning to enable students to achieve maximum performance. Active learning allows students to take control of their own learning by developing a sense of self-awareness, self-motivation and the flexibility to shift easily between independent study and collaborative inquiry.

Our curriculum is implemented in a manner which encourages students to:

  • Develop the disposition to be a learner – be curious, independent, responsible, creative, willing to take risks, ask questions and to persevere;
  • Gain an understanding of themselves and the world around them;
  • Acquire the skills needed to be successful learners;
  • Be responsible members of their community by developing social skills and making sound decisions that promote personal and communal well-being.